Varanasi, India, 2011

Hmong children, Guizhou, Southern China, 2016

Jaipur slums, India, 2011

Fleeing the Syrian war, Shatila, Beirut, Lebanon, 2017

Dreaming of Europe, Raouché, Beirut, Lebanon, 2017

The beauty of wisdom. In a Hmong village, Guizhou, Southern China, 2017

Shatila, Beirut, 2017

The photographs I present in the subsection Routes can be seen as an archive of my glances while travelling in different parts of the world. I have travelled with my camera for different reasons, from academic workshops to journalistic photo-reportages, or simply because I have set out on a journey in order to know about the world, as when I travelled from Scotland to Japan through the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Through my trips or my long journeys I have tried to get new perspectives on things, to learn and unlearn. A common thread that connects all of these images is a great interest in the plurality of human values and ways of thinking and knowing.