Varanasi, India, 2011

Bambini Hmong, Guizhou, Sud della Cina, 2016

Baraccopoli Jaipur, India, 2011

In fuga dalla Siria, Libano, 2017

Sognando l'Europa, Beirut, Raouché , 2017

Il fascino della saggezza, Villaggio Hmong, Guizhou, Sud della Cina, 2016

Shatila, Beirut, 2017

I have travelled with my camera for different reasons, from academic workshops to journalistic photo-reportages. Or simply because I have set out on a journey in order to know about the world, as when I travelled from Scotland to Japan through the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Through my trips or my long journeys I have tried to get new perspectives on things, to learn and unlearn, and, sometimes, to denounce.

The American dancer Isadora Duncan once said: ”If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it”. I started taking pictures in order to express what was not possible to tell by writing or to juxtapose pictures with text. Thus, to shoot photographs is not my main form of being and expressing myself.

The photographs I present here can be seen as an archive of my glances in different parts of the world. This archive is divided into seven sections: From Scotland to Japan by Land and Sea, Europe, Asia, Africa, Americas, Arctic and Antarctica.

A common thread that connects all of these images is a philosophical interest for the plurality of human values and ways of thinking and knowing. By contrast, what arouses my curiosity is also what is on the other end of the spectrum, that is, what is common to the different cultures and justifies the use of the term “human”. This has led me to look for the common traits of all human beings in those places where suffering makes them more evident: among the refugees, the oppressed, the homeless, the men of no place, the eternal dispossessed and marginalised.