“Ne Variatatem Timeamus”

I am a philosopher, writer and science popularizer. I graduated from the University of Pisa with a degree in Theoretical Physics and I wrote my thesis on the conceptual foundations of Quantum Theory. I then completed a Master’s in the Communication of Science at the International School of Advanced Studies, Trieste, expanding my knowledge of other scientific disciplines as well as the history and philosophy of science. Having worked for some years as a science journalist, I began a PhD in Philosophy with the Open University (UK), focusing on epistemology.

During my doctoral studies I became fascinated by historical epistemology thus inspiring my thesis on the project of scientific styles of thinking put forward by the Canadian philosopher of science Ian Hacking, which I have presented in a more systematic way, corrected and developed into a theory.

I have been a Armenise-Harvard Science Writer Fellow at the Harvard University and a Research Fellow in Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds, Centre for History and Philosophy of Science (UK). I have published research articles in international Peer-Reviewed Journals such as Erkenntnis and International Journal in Philosophy of Science.

As a writer, I have written short novels for Italian publishing companies as well as articles and photo-reportages for Italian newspapers. I was awarded the Voltolino Prize for Scientific Writing and other writing awards. In the second part of 2016, I have travelled from Scotland (Skye Island) to Japan by land and sea through the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. I reached Japan after four months without taking any plane. I have written a book on my journey which was published by Sperling & Kupfer in January 2018. I like photography and some of my pictures have been published in newsmagazines or displayed in photo exhibitions (to know more about them please click on the section “Glances”).

In this website I have selected some publications which are significative of my work and interests. I have divided them into four subsections: “Academic Articles”, “Novels”, “Press Articles” and “Photo-reportages”. The section “Glances” contains pictures from my journeys around the world but it is still in progress.