Eurasia: from Scotland to Japan

Eurasia: from Scotland to Japan, July 2016-November 2016


In the second half of 2016, I have traveled for four months from Scotland to Japan by land and sea on off-the-beaten paths. I crossed eleven countries including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Southern Siberia, Mongolia, China and built my own way while going. From time to time I have found a way to continue my journey to proceed further using different means, from old trains to buses and hitchhiking. I have seen landscapes, faces and cultures change along the Eurasian continent. I came back so full of experiences that I decided to share them in a book: ‘Oltre e un cielo in più. Da una parte all’altra del mondo senza aereo (‘Beyond and one more sky. Across the world without an airplane’) (Sperling & Kupfer). This is a short story in images and words of that difficult journey whose trajectory is represented above.

Portree, Scotland, July 2016

Portree, Scotland

Eilan Dolan Castle, Scotland, July 2016

A cottage in Northumberland, July 2016

Il paesaggio caratteristico del Northumberland è formato da prati verdi, greggi di pecore, muri a secco o brughiere di erica. Questo cottage si trova in prossimità del muro di Adriano.

Hadrian Wall, Northumberland, England, July 2016

Haworth Village, Bronte Country, England, July 2016

The village of Haworth (Bronte Village), UK, July 2016

The barriers of the 'Calais Jungle', France, July 2016

Endless match, Calais Jungle, July 2016

That gesture always the same, Batiovo, August 2016

Mystical continuity, Kiev, August 2016

Human and divine, Kiev, August 2016

At the end of the mass, Kiev, August 2016

Ukrainian Christianity, Kiev, September, 2016

Sunset over Kiev, August 2016

Mountains of heaven, Kazakhstan, September, 2016

Blu waters, Kazakhstan, September, 2016

The larches of Olkhon, Lake Baikal, September 2016

The 'ger' and the 'deel', Mongolia, September 2016

Siberian tundra, October 2016

Return to the iurt, September 2016

The Great Wall of China, October 2016

Limestone towers, Yangshuo, October, 2016

From the Bund, Shanghai, October 2016