Reportage da Teheran, Iran, Panorama, 7.12.2017

Il reportage da Teheran per Panorama alcuni giorni che scoppiassero le proteste. Il racconto di una generazione che preme sulla vecchia.  

The road

  I stopped right at this point while I was crossing Namibia. People say that something drives us to go down a certain road. However, it must not be forgotten that sometimes it is good to stop and contemplate the way ahead. Pointing in one direction, whatever it is,  is what counts the most. I […]

The supreme leader and the passerby

That is the image of the ayatollah Khomeini on a wall of the city of Qom, the religious and conservative heart of Iran. He was looking at a hasty passerby in a October evening, when I was going south from Kashan. The house from where he guided the country after the 1979 Revolution is not […]

History of a word

“Caravanserai”: in some romance languages means “a great confusion” and this picture suggests the reason. There, in the bazar of Kashan, below that vault that would turn any cathedral envious, the caravans would break themselves down into camels, harness, supplies and goods in order to reform again and leave for the Far East in a […]

Adib’s little bookshop

Adib’s small bookshop is a little light in the dark of human misery. It is in the center of Beirut. Not far from there, the walls of the buildings are wounded by bullets and soldiers patrol the streets inhabited by desperate people. Although few customers seize that opportunity for happiness, the bookshop has managed to […]

Animism defended

In the rocks of Byblos there is a crusade castle in which Christians and Muslins have fought fiercely. Those who walk down to the path come across this solitary tree which grows by a marvelous blue-turquoise sea. And they stop, because are touched by the beauty of the scene.